Lincoln 2016-2017 Board of Directors


Michael A. BeckettsOtherDurham County Social Services 
Johnny J. Bethea IIOtherNorth Carolina Central University 
Joe W. BowserConsumerLincoln Community Health Center 
Lourdes P. Carbajal PeñaConsumerLincoln Community Health Center 
Commissioner Heidi CarterOtherDurham County Commissioners 
Gayle B. HarrisProviderDurham County Health Department 
Ricky L. HartOtherDurham Committee on the Affairs of Black People 
Rosemary Jackson, MDProviderDurham Academy of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy 
Allison Suitt KallooConsumerDurham Committee on the Affairs of Black People 
Mercedes MontoyaConsumerLincoln Community Health Center 
Richard J. MorrisConsumerLincoln Community Health Center 
Victoria K. Orto, DNP,RN, NEA-BCProviderDuke University Medical Center 
Alan L. Portnoy, PhDProviderDurham County Hospital Corporation 
Liceth A. PerlaConsumerLincoln Community Health Center 
George C. RobersonConsumerDurham Committee on the Affairs of Black People 
Carl T. SnipesConsumerLincoln Community Health Center
Frank D. WhiteheadConsumerLincoln Community Health Center